Family Law

I practice in all areas of family law including divorce, custody, child support, adoption and domestic violence protective orders.  Most often, family law matters are highly sensitive and emotionally draining.  I encourage my clients to participate in a discussion about their individual circumstances and then I offer advice and information based on my experience and pertinent laws and case law.  I am candid with my clients, providing information about not only what I think the divorce or legal matter will cost them, but also explaining if there are holes or any problems with the case that I anticipate having to work through.   Further, I encourage reasonableness when it comes to family law matters – although a client might be going through a bitter divorce or custody battle, satisfying a need for revenge is not productive.  I will encourage my clients to make reasonable decisions with regard to their legal situation.  My hope is that at the conclusion of our initial meeting and throughout our relationship, my client will feel comfortable and willing to discuss the specifics of their situation, respect my opinions and strategy, and feel, in turn, respected by me. 

In limited cases, flat fee arrangements may be an option.