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Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of winding up a person's financial dealings after they pass and then distributing that person's property to the people that inherit it. This can be done testate, meaning per the Will or Trust, or intestate, meaning if a person passed without first doing any estate planning then the distributions will be made per the NH Intestacy Statute.

As your attorney, I will initiate the estate administration through the Court if probate is necessary. I will work with you to collect information relative to the deceased assets and debts and provide advice with regard to the priority of each. We will secure a surety bond, assuming one is necessary, and I will draft all required Court documents throughout the process from the initial Petition for Estate Administration through the Final Inventory and closing of the estate. With respect to those estates that do not require probate, I provide guidance and advice as to the wishes of your loved one. If real property needs to be sold, I will assist in the process.